About Me


I am Umm Haya a proud mother of two young children, even though motherhood is by far the most challenging vacancy I have ever taken in my life, it is something to feel proud about. Everyday is a different day packed with the good, bad and the wild. Each day is what you make it to be, choose to grow – you will grow, choose to live in the miserable past – you will become too depressed to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’d like to give you all a warm welcome to my website. Here you will find something for everyone, please bare with me as the whole site is still at its developmental phase.

I hope you enjoy navigating through each section of my site, from honest reviews to motherhood experiences to Recipes to holiday plans/destination reviews and much more.

Always Remember we can never make everybody happy thus is life, keep trying and keep going forward.

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