Remember the Aakhirah

Remember the Aakhirah

Assalamu alaikum,

I wrote this piece of writing as a motivator for myself at a time when I was feeling my Iman had reached rock bottom and every trivial comment made by others impacted me specifically regarding Niqab. Alhamdulillah I came back to my senses and realised we are not living for people and this world rather we are living for Allah and the hereafter.

To all my lovely sisters who are going through so much hardship merely because you cover to please Allah, just remmeber you are worth it, you are worth more than what others make you feel. Just keep going forward and not backward remember there is light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. Akhirah). And to those sisters who find it difficult to dress in a way that is pleasing to Allah , I ask Allah to make it easy for you . Aameen Ya Rabb.

Be yourself though you maybe among the few to enter Jannah without reckoning for upholding the teaching of Hijab to the highest level.

If you find this post relatable and of benefit please share and make Dua for me and the Unmah. Intention of this post was to encourage and remind one another and not directed at anyone or to hurt or offend anyone. May Allah keep us united in goodness. Aameen.

Remember the Aakhirah

O my dear sister who covers herself for the sake of Allah.
O my dear sister who wishes to emulate the mothers of the believers.
O my dear sister who intends to attract only her husband’s eyes.
O my dear sister who loves to cover simply because of Her Creator’s command.
O my dear sister who covers to ease the ones with difficulty in lowering the gaze.
O my dear sister who covers wishing and dreaming of what awaits in the next life.
O my dear sister who covers in hope that this act of obedience will be her ticket to Jannah.
O my dear sister who covers with the intention of not attracting unnecessary attention.
O my dear sister who covers with the intention to save another man’s relationship with his wife as she knows that jeopardising another family’s happiness is the work of the devil. She knows that the family is the foundation unit of the community and if this unit is broken, it would be detrimental to the wider community.

O my dear sister who covers and realises that she is worth more than just an object, she does not wish to be another man’s eyecandy.
O my dear sister whom at times feel left out and discouraged from those around her and told to be “normal”, to dress up, to stop dressing in boring old black, to live it up.

O my dear sister do not be discouraged.
O my dear sister remmeber you are dressing the way you do to please Allah and Him alone and you want to reach the highest possible status of modesty in front of Allah. Those who feel that it is too extreme or abnormal, just let them know normal isn’t what you perceive to be normal rather it is what is accepted by Allah. If you are unable to carry out an act of worship to the highest level of perfection then do not call someone who is capable an extreme.
Some women love to get attention from men, they crave for this. My dear sister have some dignity, self respect and know you are worth more than your looks.
Those who seek this world will get what they seek for and those who seek the hereafter will have everlasting bliss. Upon an occasion our mother Aysha(ra) said to a woman who was wearing perfume “it is for you in this world and for us in the hereafter”. SubhanAllah!

JazakumAllahu khayran
Umm Haya



One thought on “Remember the Aakhirah

  • July 21, 2018 at 6:31 am

    Excellent and very beautiful reminder. Every woman has questioned her self worth at some point in her life. But Alhamdulilah when you are remenided of the real reason for the way you have chosen to dress and behave, your mind is set at ease. The reminder also pushes you to try harder to become a better person for the sake of pleasing our creator. May Allah make it easy for us all Aameen


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