Carrot Halwa

4 cups of finely grated carrots
4 cups of milk (Or 3 Cups Milk and 1 cup ricotta cheese/curdled milk(rasmalai )
1 cup sugar
1tbs cashew nuts
1tbs raisins
1tbs chopped almond nuts
2tbs ghee
2 cardamoms skinned and crushed (optional)

• Roast nuts and raisins in ghee

• Add grated carrots
• Pour milk in an open pan on low flame,with constant stirring.
• When carrot is cooked, add sugar and cook until it gets to a slightly thicker consistency.
• Add cardamoms
• Then add curdled milk or ricota cheese and cook for few more minutes with constant stirring.
• Cooking time 25 to 30mins

• Serve it either chilled or hot or add ice cream on top when serving

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