Garden Glow Dubai

If you ever visit Dubai don’t miss this place out, especially if you have kids,they would love it so much and wouldn’t want to leave, a bit like being in a fairy tale world. Its been put together with over one million energh saving LED lights.

Tickets are reasonably priced and well worth it, you get more than what you paid for unlike here 😉. Lots to see I got so tired and couldn’t cover the entire place. Unfortunately, most of the outdoor tourist attractions are only open during Dubai winter season, its still hot during the day time but it is their winter lol. I said to my husband Dubai winter is like our British summer 🤣 .

Ice park is another section within Garden Glow

Lovely, cute glowing Sheap

My daughtet is fascinated about Dinosaurs and I don’t even know how she was introduced to it in the first place. Anyhow she loved the almost realistic dinos ( not that we’ve seen a real one ever lol)

[wpvideo Ta1zNsi7]

Fish Recipe

The following is a delicious and mouth watering fish recipe from my mother and sister in-law. They are brilliant cooks. It is a Southern Sri Lankan recipe as it is my mother in-law’s hometown. I love their food, tastes so good, I hav to keep trying to get to their level inshaAllah


500g Fish

1 tsp Turmeric powder

2 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp Chilly flakes

2tsp Pepper

1/2 tsp Curry Powder

1/4th cup(6 tbsp) Tamarind pulp

15 Fenugreek seed

Salt to taste

1/2 tsp sugar

3-4 Sliced onions

1 Tomatoe

1 Green chillie

Few curry leaves


Wash fish thoroughly in turmeric water

Add it in a bowl and add all the ingredients except chilli flakes

Mix well

Heat a wide pan and add 2 tbs of oil

Add in the chilli flakes ones the oil heats up and stir for 2 secs (otherwise they will become burnt and black)

Make sure cooker is over medium flame and add the marinated fish

After 20 seconds add 1/2 cup of water or just enough to cover half of the fish (too much water would over cook the fish)

Cover with the lid and keep checking

When the sides become dry and the water evaporates, this means the fish is cooked turn off the flame. If you wish to have a bit of gravy then turn off the flame before the sides become dry and water evaporates.

Adjustments could be done on your second try (e.g. more salt less chilli etc)

Serve with Bread or Rice

Submarine Buns


500g flour

2 tsp Yeast

2 tbsp Milk

4 tbsp Sugar

3 tbsp Butter

2 tsp salt

1 Egg (optional)

1 tsp Ginger Garlic paste (optional for extra flavour)

800g of Flour = 8 medium size buns


Add flour, yeast, milk, sugar, egg and ginger garlic paste and mix well using a mixer (electric stand mixer would make your life hell of a lot easier and faster)

Add Luke warm water as required and kneed the dough (with the electric mixer)

Add butter and salt to form a soft dough, kneed well

Keep to rise for 1hr

After 1hr divide into balls and keep aside for 15mins

Make the bun

Lay it out on a tray and leave it aside for 15mins before baking

Egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds

Preheat oven for 10mins at 180c and bake for 15-20mins

Butter Lamb Curry


For the lamb

300g of Lamb (preferably boneless)

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste

1 tbsp chilli powder

Salt to Taste

Oil to pan – to fry

For the Gravy

500g Tomatoes

100g Onions

1tbsp Garlic paste

50g Cashews

4 tbsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Garam Masala (optional)

2 tbsp chilli powder

5 tbsp butter

2 tbsp cream (optional)

1 1/2 tbsp white vinegar

Salt to taste


Wash thoroughly and marinate the Lamb with ginger garlic paste, chilli powder and salt

Leave it aside for 15 to 20mins

Heat oil in a pan and fry the lamb pieces, once done transfer it onto a bowl

In the same pan you fried the Lamb add onions, oil, spoonful of butter, once the onions are cooked add in the tomatoes and cashew nuts

Add some water and garlic paste, salt, vinegar, sugar, chilli powder and gram masala ( if using)

Evenly mix and let it simmer for 15-20mins

Blend the mixture into a fine pure using a blender

Strain with a sieve back into the same pan (make sure there is minimal wastage)

Add Butter, cream, lamb and let it simmer for 5-7mins

Garnish with cream (I used double cream)

Butter Lamb Curry is ready to be served, ideally with Nan bread, tasted just as good with rice. 😊👌

Nature is Bliss

I love nature, and most of all I love flowers, just admire them so much, botanical gardens are among my favourite places to visit on a day out.

Following three pictures are from my visit to Dubai in Dec 2017.

Dubai Miracle Garden

It is a flower Garden with extravagant display of outdoor recreational destination. It really is unique and one of a kind. It is a highly recommended place to visit to get the utmost flowery experience.

Breathtakingly beautiful flowers from my very own garden.

Loving and enjoying the beautiful odour emanating from it under clear blue skies. Absolutely stunning in every way, in its astonishing beauty and varying colours, in its heavenly odour and in its intricate detailed formation of the petals. Surely they are a creation of Allah.

خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ بِغَيْرِ عَمَدٍ تَرَوْنَهَا وَأَلْقَىٰ فِي الْأَرْضِ رَوَاسِيَ أَن تَمِيدَ بِكُمْ وَبَثَّ فِيهَا مِن كُلِّ دَابَّةٍ وَأَنزَلْنَا مِنَ السَّمَاءِ مَاءً فَأَنبَتْنَا فِيهَا مِن كُلِّ زَوْجٍ كَرِيمٍ

He has created the heavens without any pillars, that you see and has set on the earth firm mountains, lest it should shake with you. And He has scattered therein moving (living) creatures of all kinds. And We send down water (rain) from the sky, and We cause (plants) of every goodly kind to grow therein.

[Surah Luqman, Verse 10]

Absolutely beautiful and admirable.

Carrot Halwa

4 cups of finely grated carrots
4 cups of milk (Or 3 Cups Milk and 1 cup ricotta cheese/curdled milk(rasmalai )
1 cup sugar
1tbs cashew nuts
1tbs raisins
1tbs chopped almond nuts
2tbs ghee
2 cardamoms skinned and crushed (optional)

• Roast nuts and raisins in ghee

• Add grated carrots
• Pour milk in an open pan on low flame,with constant stirring.
• When carrot is cooked, add sugar and cook until it gets to a slightly thicker consistency.
• Add cardamoms
• Then add curdled milk or ricota cheese and cook for few more minutes with constant stirring.
• Cooking time 25 to 30mins

• Serve it either chilled or hot or add ice cream on top when serving


Photo credit to my big sis

Tiramisu is an Italian Dessert

When I make it I could eat the whole tray. It is one of my favourite desserts, my elder sister was the first to make it in the family and she made me fall in love with it.

2 packs Sponge finger biscuits
250g (1 tub) Mascapone Cheese
400ml Whipped cream
3 Egg yolks
100g (6 tbsp) Sugar

1. Mix sugar and egg yolks using a hand wisk
2. Add Mascapone Cheese and wisk well until creamy
3. Then add Whipp Cream and wisk well until consistency is just fine (not too runny or not too thick)
4. Make coffee without sugar and Soak biscuits in coffee one by one and lay them out on a tray
5. Pour the cream over the biscuit layer.
6. Add another layer of biscuits and add the left over cream over it.
7. Leave it to settle in the fridge

Hardest part is waiting patiently to eat it 🙂

Butter Cream

[Eid 2018]

Buttercream Recipe

Prep time 10 mins
Total time 10 mins

Perfect light and fluffy buttercream
Recipe type: Baking

1 Cup | 250g Butter
3 Cups | 375g Powdered Sugar/Icing Sugar
1 | 5ml Teaspoon Vanilla
2 | 30ml Tablespoons Milk

Add the butter to a mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer and beat for 5 minutes until light, pale and doubled in volume.
Gradually add the sugar ½ cup at a time beating well in between each addition.
Once all of the sugar has been incorporated add the vanilla and milk (see note) and beat until combined.

Make sure the butter is at room temperature before making this buttercream. Remove it from the fridge 1-2 hours before.
Only add the milk gradually if you would like to thin out the buttercream.
Optionally add coloring and/or other flavorings at the same time as you add the vanilla and milk

[Eid 2018]

Recipe Taken from

Author: Carina Stewart

Beginning of Motherhood

It was May 2014, sitting at my work desk and having cravings for certain foods, particularly pickled limes ( if you are from the Idian subcontinent region you know exactly what that means). It was a mouth watering moment and I couldn’t wait to get home to have some. As I was leaving I had a conversation with one of my colleagues who was a Phlebotomist and offered to do a pregnancy test. As the results were emerging on the dipstick, feelings of mixed emotions flooded my mind. However, one thing was for sure that deep down I wasn’t ready to be pregnant, and to my shock the results came out positive. Tears started to flow down. They weren’t happy tears as people are expected to shed upon such occasion. I was confused and terrified as there was no going back.

Pondering over this incident has made me realise how true is the Ayat of the Qur’an :

وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

And Allah is the Best of the planners.
[Surah Al-Anfal, Verse 30]

I really wish at that time I had these positive thoughts of Allah and to just accept Qadar or for someone to have been there to just remind me of Allah and His plans subhanAllah! Sometimes we are there to comfort others but fail to remind them of Allah in the process, for reminding them of Allah is true comfort.

When I came home the first thing I did was call my husband who was at work, how I wish I went down in Sajdah Shukr instead and then made the call. However, I was crying on the phone to my husband and told him I do not feel ready to be pregnant yet, his reply was Alhamdulillah I am happy, we should be happy, why are you crying?. My emotions were running wild. As time passed I was settling into my pregnancy but I cannot say I was ecstatic about having a baby.

The reason I am sharing this incident with you all is because I wanted to emphasise on one solution that I strongly feel could have helped me get through my pregnancy, labour and post labour swiftly (Labour story coming soon) no way am I saying it would have been easy but it would have put me in a mental, spiritual and physical contentment. That solution is being in a good state of Iman and connecting with Allah from the bottom of your heart.

الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَتَطْمَئِنُّ قُلُوبُهُم بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ

Those who believe and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.

[Surah Ar-Rad, Verse 28]

Being pregnant again after 3 years has given me time to ponder over the past and figure things out and pick myself up. I have learnt a lot from my mistakes during the period of my first pregnancy and post pregnancy. One lesson learnt is that pregnancy is a test, labour is a bigger test and post labour including raising that child is even bigger test.

To all my sisters who are already mothers or yet to be mothers, I ask Allah to keep us steadfast on the straight path and never to lose our connection with Him. Aameen

Also remember:

Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope. [Surah Baqara, Verse 286]

Remember the Aakhirah

Remember the Aakhirah

Remember the Aakhirah

Assalamu alaikum,

I wrote this piece of writing as a motivator for myself at a time when I was feeling my Iman had reached rock bottom and every trivial comment made by others impacted me specifically regarding Niqab. Alhamdulillah I came back to my senses and realised we are not living for people and this world rather we are living for Allah and the hereafter.

To all my lovely sisters who are going through so much hardship merely because you cover to please Allah, just remmeber you are worth it, you are worth more than what others make you feel. Just keep going forward and not backward remember there is light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. Akhirah). And to those sisters who find it difficult to dress in a way that is pleasing to Allah , I ask Allah to make it easy for you . Aameen Ya Rabb.

Be yourself though you maybe among the few to enter Jannah without reckoning for upholding the teaching of Hijab to the highest level.

If you find this post relatable and of benefit please share and make Dua for me and the Unmah. Intention of this post was to encourage and remind one another and not directed at anyone or to hurt or offend anyone. May Allah keep us united in goodness. Aameen.

Remember the Aakhirah

O my dear sister who covers herself for the sake of Allah.
O my dear sister who wishes to emulate the mothers of the believers.
O my dear sister who intends to attract only her husband’s eyes.
O my dear sister who loves to cover simply because of Her Creator’s command.
O my dear sister who covers to ease the ones with difficulty in lowering the gaze.
O my dear sister who covers wishing and dreaming of what awaits in the next life.
O my dear sister who covers in hope that this act of obedience will be her ticket to Jannah.
O my dear sister who covers with the intention of not attracting unnecessary attention.
O my dear sister who covers with the intention to save another man’s relationship with his wife as she knows that jeopardising another family’s happiness is the work of the devil. She knows that the family is the foundation unit of the community and if this unit is broken, it would be detrimental to the wider community.

O my dear sister who covers and realises that she is worth more than just an object, she does not wish to be another man’s eyecandy.
O my dear sister whom at times feel left out and discouraged from those around her and told to be “normal”, to dress up, to stop dressing in boring old black, to live it up.

O my dear sister do not be discouraged.
O my dear sister remmeber you are dressing the way you do to please Allah and Him alone and you want to reach the highest possible status of modesty in front of Allah. Those who feel that it is too extreme or abnormal, just let them know normal isn’t what you perceive to be normal rather it is what is accepted by Allah. If you are unable to carry out an act of worship to the highest level of perfection then do not call someone who is capable an extreme.
Some women love to get attention from men, they crave for this. My dear sister have some dignity, self respect and know you are worth more than your looks.
Those who seek this world will get what they seek for and those who seek the hereafter will have everlasting bliss. Upon an occasion our mother Aysha(ra) said to a woman who was wearing perfume “it is for you in this world and for us in the hereafter”. SubhanAllah!

JazakumAllahu khayran
Umm Haya